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These last few weeks have been surreal, and a lot of things have changed. But let's not focus on what has changed. Let's focus on what has stayed constant, being able to play and practice the sport that we all love.

Help spread the positive vibe by sharing your golf moments at home!

The family that practices together stays together.
#isolationgolf #teamtowers #mattschofieldgolf

Some putting family fun on the lawn!

The track was created by Mr Lucas. Bring on the family challenge later! Looks like they’re getting some good practice in first though!
A little bit of putting fun you can do at home! As you can see, I need to work on that stroke.

What are you doing to work on your putting stroke? #mattschofieldgolf #isolationgolf
A cool driving range that one of our Juniors, @_reevehildreth made. Anyone know where the ball went? #mattschofieldgolf #lostball
What a day for some chipping, and you all know how much I need the practice!
#mattschofieldgolf #lockdowngolf
When you can’t go to the golf course! #lockdown

Nice hitting net Francis Keep on smashing it. #mattschofieldgolf #golflives

You're never too young to start playing golf

We have had a little golfing fun going on to keep our spirits up, but also keeping everyone safe by doing so at home!

We have this awesome net we were given but you could use some buckets ...
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Jake is smashing it in NZ Isolation, you don’t need to be on the golf course to practice! #golfpong #stayhome

Send us your videos of how you are keeping up your golf (and sanity) while ...
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